$52,000 +

Total to Date:

Past BBBB Charities


2018--2019 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 4160

        "Operation Helping Hand"

2017--2018 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 1084

        "Out of Zion"


2016--2017 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 1081

Kiwanis Club of Mulberry

2015--2016 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 3000 (for 2 modified wheel chairs)

Ainsley's Angels

2014-2015 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 1100

Jim Kelly Charities (Quilt)

2013-2014 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 1621

$686 to Kiwanis Club of Mulberry: Click here to get more info

$685 to Southeastern Guide Dogs: www.guidedogs.org

$250 to Wounded Warriors Project: www.woundedwarriorproject.org

2012-2013 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 1503.00

$751.50 To Wounded Soldier JT

$751.50 To Paws for Patriots Please click here and visit their website 

Special thanks to Rick & Terri Stradtman and Florida By-Products for their generous contributions.

2011-2012 SEASON: Charity Donations = $ 969.00 to date

100% benefit to our US Military

2010-2011 SEASON: Charity Donations = $1,560.00

$855 To our own BBBB member with Leukemia, Linda Helper

$705 To a cancer patient at Moffit, Devin and his family

2009-2010 SEASON: Charity Donations = $2,195.00

Our Christmas Family.















2008-2009 SEASON:  Charity Donations = $4,300.00

Hillsborough County Crisis Center -  Children's Christmas Gifts/ Party Hunter's Hope -

$250.00 Click here to see thank you letter.



















2007-2008 SEASON: Charity Donations = $10,568.00

Recipients for this years donations :

Hillsborough County Crisis Center -  Children's Christmas Gifts/ Party

Cancer patient at Moffitt Hospital  (click here for thank you letter)

Rotary Camp of Brandon

Shepard Women's Guild

Many thanks to all of our members that contributed time and money to these worthwhile charities. Special thanks to Rick & Terri Stradtman for a total donation of $500.   In addition, the club purchased  an engraved brick from the Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation in Orchard Park. 

2006-2007 SEASON: Charity Donations = $12,762.00

$1,270.00 to Shoeboxes for Soldiers

Many thanks to Tracy Dowdall, our lovely Buffalo bartender, who created the star sales for $1, $5 and $10 donations. We also would like to recognize Rick & Terri Stradtman from Florida By Products who made a $250.00 contribution.

In addition to collecting the $1270 to buy more items for our soldiers, the board members packed 55 shoe boxes filled with much needed items, donated by our members, to ship to both local and Buffalo soldiers who are serving in Iraq. 

$11,492.45 to Hillsborough Crisis Center - Joint effort with O'Brien's   

2005-2006 SEASON: Charity Donations = $2,079.00

$655.00 to The American Red Cross for Hurricane relief (Click here to see thank you letter)

$875.00 to Hillsborough County Crisis Center

$549.00 Raised for Hunter's Hope (Click here to see thank you letter from the Kelly's)

2004-2005 SEASON:  Charity Donations =  $2,663.00

Brian Moorman foundation

$144 For aid to O'Brien's waitress, Marina

$1,319 The Joshua House (Our Christmas charity) 

Click here to see thank you letter!

Member Don Schreck donated 100 circus tickets to Joshua House in BBBB's name.  Valued at $1200


2003-2004 SEASON:  Charity Donations  = $2,418.00

$305     Parents with Dignity (Drew Bledsoe Foundation)  

$1,623  BBBB Christmas Family (Katia & Family Pics below)

$410     Softball game (Unspecified local charity)

$80       Bills Backers of Baghdad 

2002-2003 SEASON :  Charity Donations = $900.00

$340    Click here for more info on Hunters Hope (Jim Kelly Foundation)

$560    Christmas Family

PICTURES OF HUNTER KELLY (2/14/97 - 8/5/05)